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Sonal SinghJim Peraino, CTO at Spatio Metrics
Spatio Metrics
Data-Driven Design. Made Easy.

Architecture affects our health. Spatio Metrics generates and visualizes spatial data to reveal ways to improve operational efficiency and well-being in the built environment.

Spatio Metrics​ is working towards a future in which every building makes us healthier. With human wellbeing at the center of their mission, the company’s design analytics help architects and their clients analyze floor plans and bridge the gap between design, data, and human performance. By automatically calculating research-backed metrics for any floor plan (idea to as-built), their data-driven software saves hours of manual analysis, identifies tactical improvements, and uses intuitive visualizations to communicate a business case for design choices. Their approach is rooted in decades of evidence-based design research.

The company has a particular early focus on hospitals and other health care facilities. Their software allows designers to improve building design and retrofits by analyzing key metrics such as privacy, travel distances, window access, infection control, wayfinding, patient supervision and traffic patterns. Spatio Metrics has been awarded a National Science Foundation (NSF) Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) grant to conduct research and development work on machine learning and data visualization tools that help architects design high-impact buildings, starting with hospitals that improve patient health.

Within commercial real estate, Spatio Metrics can help companies identify an office’s COVID-19 spatial risks and provides the business and their employees the insights needed to plan for health and safety. This can include assessing office capacity by taking into account 6’ social distancing guidelines, understanding how people will move through the office and guide appropriate interventions to ensure employees safely make the most of working with each other in person.

Spatio Metrics is led by co-founders Sonal Singh (CEO) and Jim Peraino (CTO).

As a former product manager in the wellness industry, Sonal believes that stronger data feedback loops are the key to improving everyday productivity and wellbeing. Prior to co-founding Spatio, Sonal took several data products to market both at the consumer wellness software company MyFitnessPal and in the payments industry. Her business experience includes negotiating data contracts with companies like Apple and working in the trenches across the product development lifecycle. Sonal has an MBA from MIT Sloan and has been a guest lecturer for the MIT Martin Trust Center’s entrepreneurship certificate courses.

As a licensed architect and software developer, Jim believes that making it easier to generate, access, and act upon data during the design process will lead to more impactful buildings. Prior to co-founding Spatio Metrics, Jim worked at MASS Design Group, and his projects have included hospitals, workplaces, and residential buildings across the world. He holds a Master of Architecture from Harvard GSD and a MS in Computer Science from MIT, where his research focused on leveraging machine learning and data visualization to understand relationships between architecture and health outcomes.