Argon Ventures



A complete revenue database to drive revenue growth.

Next generation B2B data solutions for sales and marketing teams

RevenueBase is focused on providing better information for revenue-generating teams. In particular, they are solving the problems of completeness and accuracy in information made available to sales and marketing teams for identifying actionable leads.   RevenueBase’s approach is also designed to help companies derive meaningful insights from their data to identify, plan, drive and measure new opportunities for revenue growth.  They are building a novel, interactive “revenue database”; not just selling “better” lists of contact information.

Data and accurate contact information identifying potential new customers and cross-sell and upsell opportunities are part of the lifeblood of sales and marketing-driven organizations.  The success, productivity, and the return on investment of these organizations is directly impacted by the quality and accuracy of the leads and contact information found in the data provided to these teams.  While the value of good information is universally recognized, the state of the art today is at best mediocre and even the leading products in the market today are commonly described as ”disappointing”.  Based on the deep domain experience and laser focus on this problem of its founders, RevenueBase is re-conceiving the approach to this problem and building an innovative solution to create a dynamic and superior source of highly relevant information that we believe can create enormous value for organizations.

Every single company needs good leads and accurate data to drive revenue, and will benefit from strategic insights about their existing penetration of various sectors and relative opportunities to expand, married to actionable and accurate data.  The business of providing this information is an extremely large market which is not likely to be diminished by any external or macro-event for the foreseeable future, if ever.  The current products available to meet this need are widely viewed as disappointing, and are built on legacy technologies and/or focused on solving different problems.  A new approach, based on a new technology platform and new go-to-market methodology, driven by deep domain experts, laser-focused on solving the problem, is a compelling proposition.  We have confidence that this team has the vision, the experience, and the capabilities to succeed.