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Piction Health

Piction Health
Elevating every doctor to quickly and accurately identify skin conditions using computer vision and AI

Piction Health is developing a tool that leverages AI and computer vision to identify skin conditions in order to help doctors better manage skin diseases. Piction's aim is to ensure every person with skin issues can get from sick to healthy faster.

Approximately 2.3B people globally suffer from skin disease afflictions, ranging from malignant melanomas to debilitating inflammatory conditions like psoriasis and eczema. Approximately  two-thirds of cases seen by non-specialized healthcare providers who misdiagnose 50% of these conditions. Piction Health was founded in 2017 by a three-time melanoma survivor to address this problem. The company’s mission is to enable every healthcare professional to correctly and swiftly identify dermatological maladies with the equivalent or superior accuracy to a top-tier dermatologist. Piction seeks to accomplish its goal by offering an integrated end-to-end service that allows patients and healthcare provider to take a photo of a skin condition, have the Piction service perform an AI-based classification analysis which can then guide the healthcare provider to the right next step for each patient.

Piction Health's product and current model envisions enabling patients and/or healthcare professionals to submit images of dermatologic conditions to a service that more accurately (>90%) and more quickly identifies conditions by applying artificial intelligence against an extensive and continually growing database of categorized conditions.  The AI approach is to train a neural network on a growing set of relevant images collected from broad sets of sources, including healthcare systems, hospitals, and doctors.

Piction Health leverages a mobile app as the primary end user experience through which users access Piction's decision support services. The success of Piction's product is based on having a robust and highly accurate classification machine learning model for skin disease identification. Given the current state of the art of commercially viable systems, this requires them to accumulate a large data set of labeled, clinical images representative of a variety of skin diseases and skin tones.  

We believe there is a significant opportunity for the applied use of AI to diagnose skin disease. Piction's vision to “enable every doctor to quickly and accurately address skin conditions” is on target with the market dynamics and needs. We believe Susan’s personal story is the type of “founder drive” required to achieve this ambitious goal. 

There is a scarcity of dermatologists and those experts are not distributed geographically to provide adequate patient coverage throughout the US or the world. Therefore the global healthcare system can be dramatically improved with AI-powered supportive clinical  aids that enable frontline healthcare providers to more reliably triage skin conditions. With the COVID pandemic, healthcare systems are rapidly being pushed to leverage telemedicine solutions, of which Piction Health's approach could be an ideal fit.