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Nurse chat support and data-driven insights to improve patient adherence

Patients trust nurses and that trust can be used to increase activation and adherence

The trend to lower healthcare costs and the change in consumer behavior precipitated by the pandemic will drive more and more healthcare products and services to occur remotely, at the home. This creates a disconnect between when and where a patient needs information to make informed healthcare decisions. These disconnected patient choices have a huge impact on the growth and profitability of the healthcare industry. And to a certain extent,  the widely covered stories of vaccine and health misinformation in the public creates an environment where the public will likely seek out more advice to guide their healthcare decisions.

Nurse-1-1 is a novel enterprise software platform to increase at-home healthcare test activation and online prescription adherence. As a broad secular trend, accelerated by COVID-19, the at-home care market is growing rapidly, but remote-first, digital health companies and pharma are struggling to get patients through their testing and online prescription adherence health journeys, costing the market billions. Notably, it’s estimated that up to 60% of at-home testing kits are not returned to labs and over 20% of online prescriptions are not filled. And we believe that all at-home care services, expected to grow into a $300 billion market, will have similar problems, as patients make more decisions from home with more digital health options increasingly at their fingertips. 

Nurse-1-1 partners with digital health companies to embed its nationwide nurse network and on-demand chat tool anywhere into their patient experience. Nurse 1-1 helps digital health companies identify data-driven insights, improve patient adherence, and provide patients extra support. Trusted, personalized discussions that only a nurse can provide empowers patients to navigate their care options and take the next step in adhering to the partnering digital health companies' services.

Opinion polls in the U.S. have rated nurses as the single-most trusted profession for the past two decades. Taking cues from the best practices of “B2B conversational marketing”, Nurse-1-1 combines similar technology solutions (e.g. chat bots) with one of the largest telehealth nursing networks. Patients can have a personalized discussion with a credentialed nurse, empowering patients to navigate their care options and take the next step on their healthcare journey. We think integration of technology with an efficient, private, trusted, professional, “human-in-the-loop” approach is compelling.

Nurse-1-1 will create a trusted, technology-enabled brand that enables digital healthcare, pharma and diagnostic companies to have conversations with patients to form relationships and ultimately influence patients to adhere to diagnostics and/or pharmaceutical treatment offerings. Nurse-1-1 will drive Increased engagement with initial patient touch points, helping their digital health clients convert patients to recurring long-term services and repeat usage that ultimately improve patient outcomes. Nurse-1-1 is primed to be a product and market leader in this generational change.