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Putting the person in person-centered care 

We envision a health care system where all patients are treated with dignity and seen as people first beyond their medical conditions. We will achieve this one story at a time.

MemoryWell is focused on the collection and use of an important category of healthcare data known as Social Determinants of Health (SDoH). Now tracked carefully by Medicare, national healthcare organizations, payors, providers, and facilities operators are recognizing that SDoH plays an outsized role in overall health outcomes for patients and fundamentally impact the economics of effective healthcare delivery, especially in the categories of elder and chronic care. Memorywell has identified a deeply compelling method of obtaining SDoH by deploying professional writers in a cost effective and scalable gig-style model to write rich, structured stories about patients’ lives. Access by health care providers to the stories improves individual care and hence outcomes, as well as creates deeper connections with caregivers, which has already been shown to reduce churn, a major cost for providers. Access to the aggregated SDoH data accumulated by Memorywell will enable organizations from many sectors to derive insights leading to more productive investment choices and cost savings.

Jay's Story

Moving my dad into long-term care was one of the hardest days of my life. In the months and years that followed I was desperate to find better ways to ensure his care staff understood him like I did. MemoryWell grew out of that experience. As a TIME Magazine correspondent, I wrote his story down. His caregivers loved it because now they could understand my father so much better and soothe him in tense moments by recalling for him family names or poignant details about his life. His near-daily rages subsided, and he got along better with those around him. Capturing his story made all of that possible. There are so many great stories out there that we are losing every day. The MemoryWell platform creates connections, whether with paid caregivers or grandchildren. We build bonds and empathy, start conversations and preserve history.