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John JosephGreg McHale
Fusion Knows the Score

Datanomix is the leading vendor of production intelligence software for industrial discrete manufacturers.

Datanomix Fusion software is the industry's first hands-free, plug-and-play production monitoring solution that requires no operator input, no ERP integration, and automatically benchmarks and scores running jobs using only data from the manufacturing equipment itself.

Data, people, and business are becoming more tightly connected as Industry 4.0, IIoT, and other industrial internet technologies find their way into the manufacturing environment. This change is far from just technological, it’s cultural too. Smart factories truly are about people, not just technology. It’s about putting real-time information in the hands of both management and production floor personnel so they can make strategic decisions – together.

Datanomix co-founders Greg and John are veterans of enterprise IT start-ups including both data storage and analytics systems. When founding Datanomix, they chose to bring their enterprise roots of simplicity, strong out of box experience, and fast time to value to the nascent market of industrial manufacturing data. This has resulted in a production intelligence system that introduces two critical concepts into the factory performance dialogue: Hands-free performance benchmarks and a real-time production scoring system.

Fusion Software learns exactly what the actual benchmarks are for each manufactured part using machine learning on data streams directly from machines themselves. Fusion then broadcasts the scoring system to everyone from executives to operators showing them exactly where the biggest threats are to business performance both real-time and over time.

After successfully launching Fusion to dozens of customers in 2019, Datanomix has become the gold standard for manufacturers who want to use data collection technology to benchmark and optimize job performance on the factory floor. In addition to job performance intelligence, the company has launched new capabilities that bring simplicity and improvements to both operations and planning functions, which are historically challenging areas for factory leadership.