Argon Ventures

Civil Engineering


Cyvl's mission is to connect the physical and digital worlds for governments, engineers, infrastructure owners, and more. Cyvl makes it easy to map, digitize, and analyze large-scale infrastructure networks; now implemented across 100+ US cities.

The Cyvl platform leverages robotic sensors, including LIDAR, geospatial analytics and artificial intelligence. Cyvl customer's are shipped a sensor package that can placed onto a car or truck in minutes, turning any vehicle into a high-tech data collection machine. From there, field surveys can be completed up to 10X faster than conventional boots-on-the-ground methods.

With the raw data, Cyvl's proprietary algorithms automatically generate deliverables for:

• Pavement Conditions

• Sign Inventories

• Tree Inventories

• Pavement Markings

• 360 Streetview Imagery

• 3D LiDAR Models

Results are available in days and integrated seamlessly into software systems like ArcGIS, Cartegraph, Civil 3D, and more. Overall, this results in streamlined infrastructure inspections, saving time, and improving safety.