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BrandGuard is a revolutionary AI-powered platform that helps companies ensure brand consistency and optimize both their existing global marketing efforts and future initiatives that leverage Generative AI. The company has developed proprietary AI models that ensure brand consistency in all customer facing assets generated by humans or machines. 

Every element of a corporation's marketing, advertising or media should go through quality control. Brandguard provides a machine powered validation system that operates at the same speed and scale of a machine powered creation system. The system is built upon a foundation of dozens of AI classification models, each of which look at a different characteristics. This can include evaluating for profanity, errors in image generation and brand-specific or even campaign-specific trained models. Each of these contribute to a “score” that can be evaluated to determine if the media should be used.

Looking to the future, Generative AI is a fundamental new inflection point that will impact the future of marketing and advertising across all customer touch points: customer emails, landing pages, search and social ads (text and images), ebooks, audio & video. Importantly, it will do this at unprecedented machine speed and scale. But these Generative AI systems can be error prone and can create brand misalignment.

Brandguard helps solve this problem because it can be integrated into media production pipelines, automatically approving or rejecting images that hit a certain score level. Thus BrandGuard allows marketing and design teams to harness the power of Generative AI, but save them time and money by not evaluating thousands of outputs. And then human designers can focus on the best outputs of these generative models as scored by BrandGuard.