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Aligned, clean and secure code through software design observability and interactive code analysis

AppMap helps developers keep their software aligned, clean and secure through software design observability and interactive code analysis.

AppMap believes code is the source of truth. No matter how large or complicated the codebase, getting the information developers need to deliver the highest quality software should be easy and efficient. AppMap is creating an observability system for software design and defining a new market: interactive code analysis. 

AppMap products discover, analyze and monitor architecture issues in code that other tools miss. Unlike legacy static code analysis systems, AppMap is dynamic, powering the streaming and integration of data from Continuous Integration and Development platforms (CI/CD), analysis of data flows, and identification of key functions and dependent services for any feature or functionality. 

AppMap identifies potential performance problems early in the design and build process, rather than waiting for problems to surface in production as with Application Performance Monitoring. AppMap’s interactive code analysis technology provides dynamic visibility into application behavior and reveals hidden, structural flaws to improve the quality and security of complex software systems. 

AppMap helps developers navigate their software design via interactive code analysis. Free for individual use, AppMap allows developers and tech leads to onboard to unfamiliar code faster, debug more effectively, conduct design reviews using live and accurate data, and see breaking changes before they ship. AppMap solves the notorious software design observability challenge by enabling developers to access and share knowledge about software via interactive diagrams that are linked to code and always up-to-date.