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Brand Safe Revenue Automation

Automate & scale customer acquisition with AI

Nova helps companies find new customers, faster, by accelerating and scaling brand safe advertising experimentation.  Their end-to-end system plugs into the major ad platforms, generates new creative using generative AI platforms (LLMs and image diffusion models), and ensures that everything meets brand standards of safety and style before it is published.  Nova can create thousands of ad campaigns in minutes, and have typically seen improvements of over 80% in customers' ad efficacy.

There is a major structural change coming to marketing. For the past decade, Google and Facebook dominated online customer acquisition for B2C companies, and content marketing plus cold calling dominated for B2B companies. But in 2023, everything is changing.

Google and Facebook have slipped to less than half of all online ad dollars, and are expected to continue to lose market share. Generative media tools like ChatGPT and Stable Diffusion are creating an explosion of content by providing anyone the ability to create anything, in seconds. This creates many new problems and many new opportunities for marketers.

On the bright side, this new AI landscape allows marketing to finally fulfill the promise of personalization at scale. Talking to each customer the way they would like you to and highlighting product attributes that matter to the individual. This improves the efficiency of the advertising market and is a better experience for everyone involved.

On the negative side, delivering a coherent experience across a personalized buyer’s journey is a nightmare. No human can possibly manage thousands of personalized marketing campaigns, and yet if we turn it over to the machines, we worry about a lack of oversight. As ad systems create thousands of images and millions of personalized messages, will they stay on brand? Will they be consistent across the various touch points we have with an individual? Will they act the way we would?

Nova's vision is to help you manage marketing in a world where ever more work is done by machines. By connecting to major content and ad platforms to reach customers, by protecting a corporation's brand and insuring everything stays on message, and by automating the entire process as a cross platform orchestration layer. Nova is the marketing brain for an AI world.