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Peak Metrics

Peak Metrics
Identify emergent narratives and fight disinformation

Battle-tested on some of today’s most complex information environment challenges - from real-time event detection to combating state-sponsored disinformation.

One of the fastest growing problems in our digital era, impacting virtually every major global and domestic issue, is the rise of disinformation and “fake news”.  PeakMetrics is a dual-use cybersecurity solution based on cutting-edge technology to help government institutions and enterprises identify and neutralize disinformation attacks.  PeakMetrics helps organizations discover relevant, trending narratives early, understand their origin and distribution patterns, provide risk assessments, and help design and monitor the progress of response and remediation strategies.

PeakMetrics’ platform combines a proprietary big data platform + ML to identify emerging digital “narratives” and their spread, determine which are threats and/or constitute adversarial online messaging, understand the audiences behind them, help identify their source, and help customers quantify relevant risk profiles and pursue response workflows as necessary. Combining its dataset with advanced natural language processing models, PeakMetrics seeks patterns within language to discover “narratives”, or a collection of themes or talking points that are similar and occur over a period of time.  This construction of a “narrative as identifier” is critical because it allows PeakMetrics to pair its data with external datasets for cross-reference analysis.  It also allows PeakMetrics  to tailor its data pipeline in response to clients’ specific needs, whether those involve hyper-local news items or social media trends in a particular region.   When paired with PeakMetrics’ metadata libraries, these identifiers also allow analysts and operators to expose distribution networks of specific narratives.