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The big data spreadsheet, built for cybersecurity.

Painless analytics for incident response, threat hunting & security operations.

At Argon, we believe huge challenges will unfold over the coming decade that will require corporations to reorganize their processes and staffing to manage cybersecurity risk. The threats from intrusions are only going to increase in scope and breadth and companies will need to be able to respond in hours and days, not weeks to months, to put in corrective measures.

Gigasheet helps security investigators quickly analyze massive, disparate data sets without lengthy setup and complicated configuration. On the surface, Gigasheet appears as a familiar web-based spreadsheet. But behind the scenes it offers a high performance Big Data analytics platform that can support billions of data points.

Security incidents frequently involve data from a number of systems that utilize custom logging and different artifact data. Gigasheet makes it easy for analysts to normalize, timeline and interrogate this data through an intuitive, collaborative interface.

Typical spreadsheets provide financial formulas, but Gigasheet has built-in functions specific to security investigations: e.g. easy time conversions, native support for IOC data types, beaconing detection, and one-click enrichment from outside threat intel and other services. Gigasheet requires no scripting or query language knowledge. Anyone who can use a spreadsheet can get started with Gigasheet.

The Gigasheet team brings a well balanced blend of deep domain expertise and a compelling vision to rethink the processes investigating and managing security incidents. They have an early focus on building a delightful product, lowering the barrier and enabling more efficient investigations.

Ultimately, Gigasheet should enable corporations to save millions of dollars when they inevitably deal with repeated security breaches. It’s not a question of if, but when a corporation will face a significant and material breach. Gigasheet will be the first tool they use to help identify the source of the attack and begin remediation.